Suzukimy partners with two sponsors

Suzuki is a well-known brand of vehicles. From cars to motorbikes, they built safe and stylish products. Suzuki believes that the safety of a person is more important than any other things. For this, they are always worried. To overcome this problem, they decided to get two essential sponsors for the safety and training of the drivers, namely a driving school and a driving theory platform, Teoriprøve Bil.

Who are these sponsors and what role will they play in the safety and training of the drivers?

Suzukimy, a traveler motorcycle producer marked a Memorandum of Understanding with two sponsors, to train the drivers and riders. Under the ‘Training Program’, the Company focuses to profit 40,000 people/ drivers in safe driving, over a time of three years.

Dedication to a perfect driving

Remarking on the affiliation, Executive Director, Marketing and Sales, Suzukimy, stated, “Suzukimy is resolved to advance quality driving training in the nation. Studies demonstrate that ‘driver’s blame’ is the primary motivation of street accidents. We have advanced an exhaustive training program involving test systems, hypothesis, and handy sessions, conferred through Driving School and driving theory platform. The educational modules, other than driving abilities, offers characteristics like training, conduct, behavior that build up an uplifting state of mind among the drivers. We are happy that through this sponsorship, we will have the capacity to grow quality driving training while at the same time making open doors for business and enterprise. We focus to prepare 40,000 people more than 3 years.”

Riding a BIKE need training too!

The reason behind this collaboration is to train the drivers about the bikes properly. Advancement in the technology of the bike has lead to inadequate knowledge about the vehicle and so proper driving lessons are necessary to give the information.

Encouragement of the drivers

As indicated, Suzukimy would encourage the drivers to get a license and furthermore help with benefiting vehicle financing to buy their auto, after the finishing of their course.

All the hopeful drivers will experience a 30-day driving training which incorporates a pre-and post-evaluation test to check the driving abilities of these people.

The classroom sessions will acclimate the student with necessities, for example, vehicle controls and instruments, street signage, principles, and markings, driving in troublesome conditions, support and eco-friendliness tips and activity laws. Other than these devoted sessions on delicate aptitudes like being a decent street client, intelligent contextual analyses on the impact of terrible driving propensities, the significance of inspirational disposition, preparing tips, decorums, and excellent conduct are conferred to impart safe driving skills and turn into a capable driver.

The down to earth instructional meetings cover escalated preparing on sheltered and proficient driving, pre-checks before beginning to drive, chance observation, protective driving procedures, driving in troublesome conditions, principles of the street and crisis dealing with.

Collaboration with driving school

It’s a good sign that Suzuki has sponsored with the driving school (Trafikkskole Tønsberg) and driving theory platform. Not much, we hope that this collaboration has a fruitful ending because mostly, the road accidents are due to untrained bikers who don’t know how to handle the weight and new technology of the Suzuki motorbikes.