17 Hairstyles for Short Hair Ideas for 2018

Hairstyles for short hair must be suitable with people’s face to get a beautiful or handsome appearance. Men and women who have short hair can style their hair attractively. Before they will cut and style their short hair, they must have some references about the short hairstyles being suitable for them. For women, their short hair can be styled according to their face so that they seem cute and still in feminine. For men, they can arrange and style their short hair to get their performance seem casual and lovely. Their performance will seem more masculine. Men and women who have gotten and applied an appropriate hairstyles will feel confident when they must perform in front of their friends and clients. Their short hairstyles is better to be mixed and matched with their fashion either in clothing or shoes or make up.

For women, there are many hairstyles that can be applied for their short hair. One of them is the Scarlett. This hairstyles is suitable for women whose face is wide shapes. Such hair is cut short and allows length left hair on top area. It is also arranged in the fringe area. The hairstyles is able to make women’s wide face shape seem long. To seem cute and pretty they can arrange their hair to be fine to medium and low to medium in density. It is done to get a wanted texture and get perfect performance. They must arrange or style their hair after washing and then use a round brush to blow their hair. Next, they can use a comb to tease the crown. Finally, to make the hair standing in such style, they can add spray to their hair.

For men who want seem neat and different with short hair style, they can apply one short hairstyles like the Chad hairstyles. Men who have round or wide face shape are suitable to apply such style. The Chad hairstyles is arranged asymmetry to make their hair seem more interest. Their faux hawk is not always arranged in the center and it is that make this style different with the others. The density texture is applied from medium to high and the texture of the hair is better to be medium to coarse. To make the faux hawk standing for long time, they can add some cream on the hair and gather the hair by their fingers into aside and make the faux hawk slightly diagonal.

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