21 Emerald Wedding Rings Ideas for Your Big Day

Practically, in most people’s traditions, engagement party and wedding ceremony have become such very important events which need to be celebrated. This is mostly because most people are still consider that this is a typical once in a lifetime moment and this event can drastically change someone’s life to become more complete as an adult person. And the most important thing in this event is about the wedding rings. These days, there are countless options of wedding ring designs, styles, shapes, colors, and materials. One incredible choice for wedding ring is the beautiful emerald wedding rings.

As a matter of fact, emerald cut wedding rings have long been known by people all over the world as a treasure because of its elegance, beauty, and rarity. The emerald itself is often being associated with the goddess of love, Venus. Even though there are still so many options on precious gemstones out there, emerald is still becoming quite popular for its mesmerizing depth of striking green colors. Today besides green emerald, there is also some other colors such as the transparent emerald.

Moreover, because of the expensive price and the precious value of the emerald, womens wedding rings may require very special care in order to make sure that the quality of the emerald will last for a very long time. For additional information, there will be several things that you need to consider more about taking care of the emerald, including the information about emerald enhancements, valuable shopping tips, properties, care guidelines, as well as price evaluations.

Emerald Wedding Rings Overview

In case of durability and hardness, emerald is truly good for such gem which has a low amount of inclusions. In fact, the most expensive and the rarest emeralds can be easily found in Columbia. Different from diamond, emerald will usually be enhanced through a process of which uses resins, oil, and wax in order to coat the stone as well as improve the color and clarity. For the use as wedding rings, you will want to ensure that your ring can last lifetime. So, since emeralds are known to be very easy to get scratched, you will need to deal with special care especially if you wear it every day.

For instance, you should need to avoid your emerald ring to hit any hard surfaces since it is very prone to breaking. Thus, if you have many outdoor activities like doing some sport activities or you have to work hard in the field, it would always be a better idea if you are pulling off your emerald ring first. If you do not wear it, you can simply put your wedding ring set in a soft pouch or in a jewelry box. You have to make sure that you put it separately from any other pieces of jewelry to avoid any scratches which can decrease the quality of your emerald gemstone. Also, before you go swimming, it is better if you remove your emerald ring in order to keep it from chlorinated water in the swimming pool.

For more information, just like diamond, some factors such as carat, cut, color, and clarity may have a very big impact on determining the price of the beautiful wedding rings. Actually, the range price of the emerald is about 1,000 to 20,000 dollars. Emerald ring with smaller stones less than a carat must be much more affordable than those with one carat or more of the emerald stone. So now you know that emerald and diamond ring as well as rings crafted with platinum will be priced you more.

More or less, emerald wedding rings will look pretty stunning in any cut, but the most popular cut is about the classic emerald cut: the radiant gemstone. Furthermore, the second popular emerald ring cut is the round emerald cut. This kind of classic round will maximize the amount of fire and flash in the gemstone. And it results in brightening up the ring design as well as heightening the sparkling factor of the ring. The most important shopping tip is that you need to ensure that you have to get what you pay for when it comes to emeralds.

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