20 Buddha Tattoo: Spiritual Tattoo Design

Tattoos are more than just decorative or piece of art that are engraved on your body. It can be the symbol that has a deep spiritual meaning. One of the tattoo designs that have spiritual meanings is the Buddha tattoo, whether you are practicing Buddhism or you believer of Buddha, or just admirer of Buddha philosophy and art, having this tattoo design offers striking and meaningful looks.

The Buddha tattoos meaning can also vary depending on its shape, for example the praying hands tattoo, Buddha face tattoo, mediating Buddha tattoo and so on. This article will discuss about those Buddha tattoo designs and the meanings behind the shapes.

Creative Buddha Tattoo Designs for Your Inspirations

  1. Buddha’s Face Tattoo
    The Buddha’s face tattoo is a classic choice for Buddha’s theme tattoo. Practically, this design is easy to achieve on any part of the body. The large Buddha Face tattoo that covers the entire back is spectacular, however, the smaller design that is placed on the arm, leg, shoulder and etc can be very eye-catching.
  2. Laughing Buddha Tattoo
    Everyone will have the similar image of Buddha on their mind, which is bold, fat and laughing. Based on the history, the laughing Buddha is the symbol of light-hearted, whether it is drawn as the whole body or just the face area. Along with the wobbling belly design, the laughing Buddha is very suitable to be creating on the belly area.
  3. Mediating Buddha Tattoo
    Indeed, Buddhism is well-known of its mediation methods. Thus, talking about Buddha tattoo, a mediating Buddha tattoo is one of the popular designs on this tattoo line. This design will look amazing in both simple back or in glorious colors. The additional lotus flower also enhances the look, and makes it more enchanting.
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