3 Diamond Engagement Rings: Most Popular Ideas

In fact, in most of the Western countries, both engagement and marriage have been the most important once in a lifetime moment in people lives. That is why; once they are about to have a plan to get engaged or get married, they will want something which is truly special, personal, intimate, different, unique, and memorable. From several years ago, there are countless different options for engagement and wedding organizers to be dealt with. These private organizers will even provide the service on accompanying you to choose the best fitted engagement rings for your special day. Today, 3 diamond engagement rings are regarded to be one of the most popular engagement ring designs.

Deciding to deal with these three diamond engagement rings means that you must be ready with the amount of money that you are going to spend just for the rings. Some people may think that purchasing this kind of luxurious engagement ring will be too much. But, some others may consider that, they should give something very special and different for their once in a lifetime moment. These typical people will think that if they are not giving the best one, they may get regretful in the future as they may not be able to repeat that special moment anymore.

No matter what kind of people you are, the most important thing is that you should be sure that you have already given the most special thing as you possibly can. Furthermore, if you are having more money, why do not you start to give these beautiful 3 stone diamond engagement rings to your lovely one? With three diamonds on it, it can be sure that the ring will look fantastically stunning and luxurious in any side. One thing you need to keep in mind is that in order to avoid any too much look of the ring, you can start to choose small diamonds.

3 Diamond Engagement Rings and Meanings

Every diamond is truly unique and they are really different from each other. Even small diamonds will look stunningly beautiful as they will shine bright like a sparkling metal. Some celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Kim Kardashian, and Victoria Beckham have these sparkling diamond rings in their fingertips. If you think that a diamond engagement ring still not enough to steal people’s attention, you can begin to get vintage inspired engagement rings with diamonds for more unique and classic look.

Of course it is always pretty more interesting to have antique engagement rings instead of just having a solitaire diamond engagement ring. With three stones in your engagement rings, it is not too difficult to steal people’s attention to your beautiful rings. For more, there is a meaningful symbol behind the philosophy of having three stones on the engagement rings. The three stones will represent the enduring symbol of true love comes in three.

Basically, 3 diamond engagement rings are just an example of luxurious design of the expensive engagement rings. For more, if you want something to look pretty personal and intimate, you can always have a choice to combine the three stones in the ring with your partner’s favorite gemstones. For instance, if your partner loves emerald, you can combine diamond with green emeralds. Or there is also the possibility to choose more than two types of gemstones such as choosing diamond, ruby, and sapphire for completing the three stones of the ring. By choosing more than one type of gemstone, your engagement rings will look much more stunning and adorable.

In addition, there is another thing that you should be paid more attention to. If it is possible for you to choose more than one gemstone in the engagement ring, it is basically not recommended to choose more than one cut or style in one ring. For instance, that would be pretty much strange if you decide to combine cushion cut with pear or oval style in one ring. Thus, if you love to wear round shape, the other two stones must also be in round shape. As a result, these 3 diamond engagement rings may cost you a lot of money, but they will be fantastically beautiful and timeless.

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