1970s Fashion: The Attractive Styles

At this modern time, vintage style arouses to gain some popularity again. It is because the style in the past is so attractive and fun with the various unique, if you do not want to say it weird, fashion.  The most appealing fashion in the past style is 1970s Fashion as it can be said as the revolution of fashion. Everything used and wear in that time looks so fun. In that time, the hippie style in 1960 was continued to be used to with some combinations with 1970 style.

From years to years in 1970, the style continued to change in attractive way. The use of color was so various both for men and women. Men who did not use to use various colors in their style started to wear colorful 1970s clothes. Some bright colors like red, green, blue and yellow were worn by women and men. So, in this area, various colors played important role in giving identity to 1970s clothing style.

Not only the colorful fashion was the identity for 70s fashion, but also some others styles that you can had from this era. Mini-skirts, belly bottom, and tight pants were the other characteristics from this era fashion. Both men and women liked to wear tight pants which were loose on the bottom. Women could be seen wearing mini-skirts often while before this time, women were not allowed to wear mini-skirts and pants.

Thus, we can conclude that this era of 1970s outfits was really a time where fashion revolution was happened. Many styles which had been banned before 1970 for men and women were fine to wear. Colorful clothes were fine for 1970s Mens Fashion while women who were not allowed to wear pants could wear it everywhere. It is like the freedom of style expression for the youngsters to use whatever they wanted to wear when the rules of wearing clothes was like a strict rule before that time.

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