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online marketing toolsYou probably have a vivid image in your head of what online marketing is all about- people buying and selling products while gossiping and eating sandwiches or a salesperson trying to persuade you to buy his or her product and how you can become a millionaire if you buy and sell vitamins.

Well, both these assumptions could not be further from the reality of online marketing. The truth of the matter is that online marketing is not a get rich scheme or a hobby but a real opportunity for you to make money running your own online business.

However, what does it take to be a successful online entrepreneur in this industry? First off, you need a computer to get you started (if that’s not obvious already). The folks from the internet marketing company,, compiled some must-haves. Read on the following tools needed to be a successful online entrepreneur.


For you to be a successful online entrepreneur, one thing that is absolutely crucial is the way to track and keep records of your advertising campaigns- checking the effectiveness of you advertising strategies. There are many systems to use that will give you analytic software to help you track you progress, such systems include Google Analytics. Another one is Guiding Metrics, a use friendly program that is extremely easy to use. It is the best software if you want to track your campaigns and also help you to track what works and what does not work.

Landing pages

This is a crucial tool for online marketers. Landing pages are a platform where marketers send their traffic if they are trying to acquire an opt-in to a sale. Actually, is normally the first thing a customer sees about your business, so it is critical that it appears great and relays the intended message. Good software you can use is InstaPage. This software gives you everything that requires creating high quality landing pages and including them in your funnel. Megaphone is yet another great service; it offers very good landing pages, although it a little bit expensive. According to, “check both tools and decide the one that suits your needs.”


This is one crucial tool that you will need in order to become a successful online entrepreneur. Autoresponders let you gather emails of your prospects and then send them automatically. This allows you to establish strong relationships with your clients – one of the most critical aspects of a successful entrepreneurship. This can also turn all the leads into potential customers or into loyal paying customers. Aweber is one company that is ideal for Autoresponder services.

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Suzuki Laptops Are The Best For Designers

internet-marketing-laptopI recently decided to switch laptops and purchased myself a Suzuki Power 1401 XPi laptop. I found initially that it felt a little bit heavier than my old one, but that didn’t really make too much of a difference. The laptop itself is well built and can survive a fall. On the first day that I had this laptop, it fell off of my desk onto hard wood floors and it worked fine right after.
This laptop preforms well for those who need something for work or school, but it can’t run most larger programs or games effectively, as it is only boasting 4 gigabytes or memory. This has not been a serious problem for me, as I mostly use this to type for work or watch movies while travelling for work. I tried running a few games on it, but I have found that it is best just to leave it to the gaming computers.
My old laptop did not have a webcam, so that has been a huge plus for me, as I can finally get in on the video conference calls that my boss has been nagging me for without having to deal with getting a separate one and plugging it in. The quality of the camera isn’t the best, but I have found it to be sufficient for everything that I have needed it for thus far.
I ran this laptop with Windows 10 and it is fast responding right now, but we all know that that could not be the case in a few years, so I cannot speak for the longevity of this laptop and how it will perform next top the models of the future. The storage on the laptop is my main concern for the future, as it is only 320 gigabytes and it is quickly filling up with photos and other documents. I have been using an external hard drive as a solution to this, but it is a hassle. This is by far the worst aspect of the laptop, as it is not easy to fix and requires me to constantly empty my pictures so that I can keep using the laptop.
The battery lasts about four hours, but I haven’t tested it out myself, as I am usually within reach of a charger and am constantly plugged in. The only problem that I have seen from this is that the screen will get darker as the laptop gets on lower battery, which can be annoying.

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